About Me

     I was born and raised in Northern Michigan, and growing up I spent much of my time roaming through the woods, building tree forts, and swimming in the lakes around my home. Today I still have a love for the outdoors, and I greatly enjoy hiking, camping, and canoeing.  I am the second oldest of eight kids, and I am pretty close to the rest of my family. While in high school I had a great relationship with my youth pastor, and it was at this time that God started to stir in my heart a desire to serve in vocational ministry. After graduating from high school in 2003, I began attending a community college in Traverse City, MI. During this time of my life God blessed me with some great friendships, many of which I still maintain to this day. I also had the opportunity to serve as a part time youth director at my church while attending college in Michigan. In the fall of 2006 I traveled to the Philippines and spent 2.5 months working with a church there. When I returned, I decided to pursue a ministry education and enrolled in Bible school. After majoring in Pastoral Studies, I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in spring of 2011. I am passionate about men’s ministry, family ministry, and discipleship, and I am excited to now be serving Christ and the people of Frontline in Arlington, VA. My thoughts are mine alone.

An amazing camping trip with my brothers Caleb and Micah.

The awesome Future Leaders Class of 2012 at McLean Bible Church


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