I don’t write poetry very often, mabye once a year or so. Here are a few simple poems I have written over the past several years…


September 28, 2012: “This one goes out to Rich Hurst”

Gaelhurst I Answered

It’s been a long week; I’ve about had enough,

Of driving this city, of wearing this stuff,

It’s time for a weekend with silence to savor,

So I’m packing my bags and forgetting my razor,

On goes my t-shirt – tennis shoes off the mat,

It’s been far too long since I’ve worn this hat,

Gaelhurst is calling; her voice carries far,

I’m convinced you can hear it wherever you are,

Driving down seven, windows down, wind a blowin’,

No Starbucks or speed cameras here where I’m going,

Chic-fil-a on the way, ‘cause it’s almost tradition,

A sandwich and sweet tea will power this mission,

The traffic is fading; I must be near,

The mountains are rising, the sky getting clear,

Gravel is cracking beneath the wheels,

Can’t even say how good this feels,

The horses and vineyards now come into view,

The rolling green hills, branches covered in dew,

This place is good for the soul; I’m convinced that God made it,

For times just like this, for escapes from the pavement,

She called and I answered without any regret,

For her peace and her beauty are hard to forget.

-Enoch Haven 2012

Sept 26, 2010: “This poem speaks of a heart marked by spiritual dryness. It recognizes the truth that sometimes guilt and comparison drive me to pursue my relationship with God more than my love for Him does. It is a cry for desire, and ultimately a cry for intimacy to satisfy that desire.”

Without Much of You
Another week without much of you,
Please tell me what I’m supposed to do when,

I want to want you more,
But right now knowing you just seems like chore,

If there was a drug I would take it,
Today would be a pattern if only I could make it real,

But life comes in and distracts my heart,
My soul tells me that we’ve grown apart,

Time and again I’ve fessed up,
That I’m more than a little bit messed up bad,

Now I’ll say it again,
That on you I really don’t try to depend,

Our relationship always ebbs and flows,
So all I can do is trust in a God who knows that,

At times I will forget him,
And yet his patience never runs thin.

Every hair on my head has a number,
From the God of the wind and the thunder that shook,

Luther’s heart and caused the man to seek,
Out a God that provides forgiveness, relief.

Yes I know that I really am cared for,
By a savior that’s always been there for me,

Even when I forget You,
You always have helped me get through,

God please find me today because I know I’m lost,
Please touch my heart – remind me of the cross where,

There in pain you bore my sin,
In order to make me whole again.

-Enoch Haven 2010

October 22, 2009: My roommate and I each took a section of the book of Habakkuk and wrote a poem about it. We limited ourself to 45 minutes. This is what resulted:

The First Exchange

My throat is raw from crying,
To express to you my heart I am trying,

I state to you what you already know,
Why do you hold back your power to show?

Your nation is broken and twisted,
Your people are sinful and wicked,

Blood flows in the streets,
And don’t call the police,

They’re unwilling – unable,
To truly overturn the tables,

When will you answer me????

I have heard every word that you’ve said,
My people though still living are dead,

I am sending a nation,
To implement the damnation,

Nothing can stop their advance in the world,
Any defenses away will be hurled,

They will laugh in your face,
As you being to embrace,

The doom that descends,
On your enemies and friends,

– Enoch Haven 2009

There are few things that hurt more than watching someone you care about deeply make decisions that are ultimately harmful to them. This poem speaks to that situation

Your Own Mistakes

We’ve known each other for years,
And a friendship has grown,
From the seeds that long ago were sown.

We have experienced so much together,
But what now seems strange is that,
Things have started to change.

As I stand back and watch,
In your life I can see,
Things that because they hurt you — they hurt me.

I can see what is wrong,
And what should be done,
The battle you fight can really be won.

I say what I can,
Because I want to protect,
You from pain; remorse; and regret.

But in your life the problems grow deeper,
The choices you are making,
Further outline the path you are taking.

I keep trying,
But I’m beginning to find, that as much as I try
I just can’t change your mind.

Is it that you can’t hear me,
Or that all I did say,
Has only pushed your farther away?

The friendship we had is no longer the same.
What was young is now old.
What was warm is now cold

I don’t know what else I can do,
It hurts me more than you know,
To just stand back and let you go.

I’ll just pray to God,
For the patience it takes,
To watch you make your own mistakes.

-Enoch Haven 2006

January 13, 2006: This is one of the older poems I have written. It should not take too long for you to determine the source of tension…


Loneliness and desire are often in my mind,
And answers from you I really must find,

To the questions that swirl in my head,
From morning till after I have long been in bed,

These questions I ask again and again,
These questions of who and were and when,

But this time you stop me and remind my again:

The gifts You have given I must not ignore,
In pursuit of a gift I am not ready for,

Patience and contentment are what I now need,
Your promises in Scripture are what I should heed,

Your timing is perfect, and without defect,
This is a fact I should never forget,

In humility I must reply:

Please make me the man You need me to be,
And help me not to think “that could have been me”,

Mold my outlook and change my heart,
For only then will I know where I should start,

So when I feel lonely; anxious; and stressed,
I will pray for your peace, contentment, and rest,

-Enoch Haven 2006


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